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My Adore Me Review – Striped Balconette Bra & Panty Set

By Girlratesworld @girlratesworld
adore me reviews Balconette Bra And Panty Set adoreme review

My mom always told me that a woman can never have too many bras and panties. I’ve updated that motto… A woman can never have too many good bras and panties. Nothing else can ruin your day like a bad fitting bra. Who wants to spend the whole day adjusting and twisting and shifting. Not me!

When I was contacted by adore me to review the their lingerie line I was excited. I was excited to try a new brand for intimate wear. I had been buying my bras and underwear from JCPenney and stores like Ross and Marshalls for some time now. I had given up on Victoria’s Secret years ago because of their overpriced bras and panties in combination with their lack luster customer service. Blah.

What I look for in a Bra

When I buy a bra I am looking for quality and comfort. Since I am a 34DD, finding items in my size that fit right {and look cute} can be a hopeless cause. When I searched the adore me online site, I found it easy to filter by my size. There’s a huge selection of stylish, coordinating bra and panty sets. And they are priced way below Victoria’s Secret – the first set is only $24 bucks.

adore me reviews Balconette Bra And Panty Set adoreme review

“I decided to go with this white stripe design because I thought it was fun and I like the way it shaped the models breasts. I also like the fact that the bra straps are thick and sturdy. That’s always a good sign in my opinion of a really good bra. The quality of the bra is good. The material is strong yet breathable. And it’s super cute!”

Subscription Service is Available too

Adore me also offers a subscription service for those who are interested. You are able to receive coordinating bra and panty sets as well as other intimate apparel delivered to your door month-to-month. Hey. It’s like I said before…You can never have too many bras and panties.

Adore Me Packaging

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the packaging. It arrived in a super chic black box and the items are delicately placed in there and wrapped in packing tissue. Very elegant and classy.

So go ahead and give adore me website a quick look and let me know what you think. I would like to note that although I received my items for review, my opinions are 100% honest. They are based on my observations and experience with the items and website.

XOXO, Nicole

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