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My 5 Favourite Mac Lipsticks

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
Over the years, I've accumulated too many lipsticks (is there even such a thing?) but one of my favorite brands for lipstick is Mac, which is why I thought I would share with you my 5 favorite Mac Lipsticks.
My 5 Favourite Mac Lipsticks
I'm a lover of a red or dark lip which is why I only have two nude's in here. Mac Rubywoo is my all time favorite matte red lipstick. I have so many good memories associated with it (It was my first mac purchase when I started my blog five years ago!) but it also has a great consistency, pigment and lasts for ages without making my lips dryer than a camel's tongue in the sahara desert.
For something with a creamsheen finish, I went for a brown red called 'Dare You'. This has a really glossy finish and is perfect for a modern Hollywood style look. Don't wear it if you're eating though #messy.
Moving on to the purple shade which is 'Rebel'. I've worn this more times that I can count over the festive season and I love it's finish. It is a 'satin' product which means it has a semi matte finish. This layers really well too, so re-applying after a cocktail or two won't be a problem.
My 5 Favourite Mac Lipsticks Moving onto the nudes, first up is Velvet Teddy which is an iconic shade thanks to Miss Kylie Jenner. This is a brown/orange nude which is a good all rounder for most skintones. The finish is matte and lasts all day long thanks to it's creamy consistency. Ideal for wearing with bronzed makeup and smoked eyes.
Finally is Mac Snob. This is a light neutral pink with a satin finish (semi matte). This is the easiest of all five shades to wear. I don't even need a mirror to apply it, it's an effortless product which glides on with no fuss. It is borderline Barbie pink, but feels more nude when used lightly.
I have a few more shades that I like but just didn't make the cut for my top 5! What Mac Lipsticks would make their way to the top of your list?
H x

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