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My 23p Gourmet Pizza

By Sue15cat
My 23p Gourmet Pizza   Determined not to spend at all yesterday I rummaged through the freezer just before teatime and came across the boring little pizza above.  It cost me just 23p as a 'reduced to clear' bargain way back in May, bought during my '365 Days - £365' challenge.   But I couldn't just eat it like that now could I  ;-)   My 23p Gourmet Pizza   So two tubs of recently grated cheese were pulled from the fridge, a couple of teaspoons worth of Pesto was discovered lurking at the bottom of it's jar and I used a couple of the gorgeous Sundried Tomatoes gifted to us by Sarah on her recent visit as well as a few leaves plucked from the Basil plant on the kitchen window sill.
My 23p Gourmet Pizza   There ... now doesn't that look better!!
My 23p Gourmet Pizza   It tasted divine, so my 23p bargain pizza with odds and sods from around the kitchen made for a wonderful tea last night.  Yummy, yummy, yummy pizza in my tummy :-)   Sue xx

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