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My 2013 Resolutions

By Melody S
1. You know that old saying "Shit or get off the pot"? Well, I resolve to shit. What I mean by that is that I resolve to stop whining about wanting to lose that last bit of weight. Unfortunately, bitching doesn't burn as many calories as it ought to, so back to the gym I go.
2. To be more present with my daughter. Too often when she is playing quietly with her toys, I am reading, watching tv, or cutting my toenails, instead of connecting with her. Those damn toenails are guaranteed to grow back, but I will never get that time back that I could have been spending with her.
3. To accept that "good" is good enough. The house will never be spotless, there will always be dishes to wash, and clothes will continue to get dirty. Instead of stressing and apologizing over the state of my house, I resolve to relax a little. Twenty years from now, McKenna won't care whether or not I vacuumed her room every day (I do!), but she will care about the quality time that she spent with me.
4. To take care of my daughter's mother.When I eat a Super-Sized Bacon Deluxe Combo with extra cheese five days in a row I'm not just affecting my health, I'm affecting my daughter's future.
5. To laugh more.

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