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My 2013 (dream) Project!

By Kali Jay @chicmeparis
My 2013 (dream) project!
Here we go, 2013 is coming and like always people think about their plans for the new year. To me, planning is failing. I've done so many plans in my short life, they almost never proved to be effective, yet the most amazing and important events came suddenly and unexpected. I believe everyone can live his/her own dream if they really desire it, the main obstacles are not in the concrete world, they are in people's mind. I'm that kind of pessimist person who thinks there are millions of people in the world BETTER than me, that's why I prefer to lie down in the shadow avoiding comparisons, they drive me crazy. But what in the hell BETTER means? Better than what? Better in what? Better is such a RELATIVE term. So what living a better life could mean? It could mean infinite things. 
My 2013 (dream) project!

To me, desiring a better life just means finding my inner peace through the achievement of a balanced material environment. My biggest desire for this and the following years is to find my place in the world and engaging myself 24/7 in creating a BETTER society and a BETTER world for EVERYONE. Better doesn't necessary mean perfect, it means a little 'more something' than what it is now.  

My 2013 (dream) project!
I wanna stop artists from begging in the streets, that's one of the most unfair things in the world. I know there are incredibly worse matters goin on, but this issue is so close to my heart that I can't avoid to fight for it. Artists create positive vibrations, a good energy flow and we should know we are made of energy, our body and spirit are energy. How can artists have the strenght to leave it all and live in the streets? Because they've found their vocation, their essence, their reason of living, their past present and future nature. They are free wild sensitive creatures trapped in a money poisoned society. 

I wish I had a lot of money to show people they don't need to have a lot of money to achieve their dreams, they just need PASSION, DEDICATION and a BIG HEART... 

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