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Must Visit to Ajanta Ellora Caves

By Krishnaspirit @KKsharma143

Ajanta and nearby Ellora caves are among the most bewildering archaeological places in India. found in the Maharashtra, the site is about 300 kilometers northeast of Mumbai, continues to be designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. These caves aren't natural but man-made, built by cutting huge granite hillside. It is stated that caves were built by Buddhist, Hindu and Jain monks, who worshiped and meditated within the caves. One the walls and also the pillars of caves elegant status are carved, you can also find separate places in the caves thought to be as a meditation rooms. The caves were found by a British army officer in 1819, John Smith till it had been enshrouded in oblivion. Ajanta and Ellora caves upholds a creative legacy that will be an educative lesson for that generation to come.

Must Visit to Ajanta Ellora Caves

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Apart from the various caves at Ajanta and Ellora and also the different Buddha sculptures, there are a variety of other areas to see in and around the caves. The Kailasa Temple is a such excavation and is one of the largest monolithic structures on the planet. This temple has continuously attracted pilgrims throughout the year, through the decades and to todays. Once you have admired the Buddhist architecture and also the beautiful paintings that adorn the cave walls, there are some other places you could explore. The Bibi Ka Maqbara, the Daulatbad Fort and also the Buddhist monasteries outside the cave complex count a visit. If you have the time to visit Aurangabad, that is only 104 km from Ajanta and Ellora, you might pay a visit to the Aurangabad Caves, the Panchakki and also the Aurangabad City Walls.

The Ellora Caves temples can be found around 30 km in the city of Aurangabad. There are 34 gives up total and are carved in to the sides of the hill. Unlike the Ajanta caves, the Ellora Cave temples are the place to find various monuments, carvings and sculptures associated with Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The caves were created in the period between 350 AD and 700 AD. You will find 12 Buddhist caves while 17 caves and 5 caves are based on Hinduism and Jainism respectively. The Kailash Cave Temple is easily the most famous temple which consists of magnificent sculptures of Lord Shiva. It's one of the largest monolithic structures around the globe. The Ellora Caves also contain magnificent sculptures and monuments focused on Lord Buddha, Lord Vishwakarma, dwarfs, dancing girls, yakshas and musicians.

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