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Must haves--ORC Linking Participant

By Kerrysteele @kerrysteeleart
Must haves--ORC linking participant
If this is your first time here, this is a linking party courtesy of One Room Challenge genius, Linda. See all of the participants HERE
Here we are at week 3! For me that means panicking about the things that are not done and not delivered yet. Panicking about not being able to do a post on fabrics because one stupid item has not been delivered. I thought it would be helpful to show two products that were indispensable in reviving some of my vintage pieces so they look vintage as opposed to crappy.
Must haves--ORC linking participant I had my doubts about this Pledge revitalizing oil. I have used lemon oil on wood and it can absorb unevenly, looking really messy. My son's vintage dresser had seen some hard use and after cleaning it thouroughly with Murphy's oil soap I wiped it down with the revitalizing oil. It made a huge difference. I ran around the rest of my house trying it on other antiques too and I really love it.
Must haves--ORC linking participant
This antique mirror was in my basement still packed in the box from our move three years ago. I was really glad it was not broken but the gold frame was chipped and beyond acceptable. I whipped out my Krylon gold leaf pen and began the touch-up.
Must haves--ORC linking participant This is perhaps the simplest DIY ever. I did use it on more than just the chipped areas. The gold leaf was noticeably brighter than the old gold finish so I made a continuous ring around the inner perimeter and highlighted the leaf pattern on the outer edge for a more uniform appearance.
Thanks for following along!  Anyone else panicking?! My to do list says it all. This week was a bust but next week you'll get a two-fer with lighting and fabrics. To do List:

1. Throw away box of Mike's Hard Lemonade empties in the closet and scrub everything including carpet.
2.Paint walls
3. Source vintage furniture and accessories
4. Move Queen bed in
5. Install new light fixture
6. Trick out the bed with cool pillows
7. Hang curtains
8. Hang art including 2 custom paintings
9. Final zhush   You can catch up on my previous posts HERE and HERE

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