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Musical Notes and Mathematical Tragedies

Posted on the 25 October 2012 by Polycarp55 @polycarp55
Musical Notes and Mathematical Tragedies

What am I currently listening to on Spotify.

  1. Dan Deacon America discovered from the review, in  the September Issue of Mojo Magazine.  His sound is very ambient and seems to be the sound of the Zeitgeist of our current American Dream.

  2. Blackalicious: My favorite hip hop band just released a new album. 

  3. I first heard The Reverend Paytons' Big Damn Band at a Flogging Molly concert.  Also listened to Doo Rag.

  4. Bill Fay- Life is People discovered from the  review, in the September Issue of Mojo Magazine. He is the voice of the invisible worker, and his Life is People shares a unique perspective.  The album at times shares the pain that is the modern condition.  

  5. And my list of 50+ Greatest Electronic Records ever Produced according and influenced by Mojo Magazine.   Mojo Magazine, the best rock and roll magazine ever produced, released their 50 greatest Electronic Records of all time in the September Magazine.   The Spotify list is three days long and is full of ambient noises to keep you company, while reading your favorite novel.  Or writing your favorite novel.  

Mathematical Tragedies: Fractals

    Musical Notes and Mathematical Tragedies
    rho = sin(a * phi)^b + cos(c * phi)^d + sin(e * theta)^f + cos(g * theta)^h

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