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Musical Missionary

Posted on the 15 April 2011 by Pelski
Musical Missionary
Feeling charitable? Well then check out the Miami based non profit charity - Musical Missionary. Their mission is to establish an ultimate feedback loop, where established artists and musicians are brought in to teach the younger generations of Miami about music and art. So far they've established fundraisers, events and an online digital music label to get things off the ground, bringing in established electronic producers to help the cause.
Their first compilation release 'Break Out' features some great soulful house numbers which they're giving out for free. These tracks seem to signify the selfless attitude that their mission upholds, with MikeZ's 'His Spirit' simply asking you to 'Feel It In Your Soul' and 'Just Believe' - simple messages with lasting meanings.
Now it's easy to become all whimsical and washy when music and charity come together, so I'll promise not to follow on with a Bob Geldof rant. But if you can allow yourself to believe in the power of the dance-floor jack, then you'll understand the simple idea, that it's possible to elevate people's situations through music and art.
Thank you to the Mundo Vibes blog for the heads up on this one. Please read more about Musical Missionary in the Miami New Times.
MikeZ - His Spirit
Swanken - Lose The Man 
Swanken - Come Back With The Love (Darren DuVall Remix)

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