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Music on My iPhone These Days…

Posted on the 24 October 2013 by Cheekymeeky

It’s amazing how having two small kids changes your musical tastes so much. I primarily used to be a classic rock kinda girl and I still am. Music from the sixties to the early nineties – they rock my boat. However, those songs aren’t much of an option when the littles are around. They have their own tastes and lullabies are now the preferred media around our house.

I don’t quite remember where I heard these songs first – I think it was internet radio but I loved the singer Sophie Barker’s voice from the very first moment, and so did snubnose and Piglet.

When I saw that Piglet was actually recognizing the songs and waiting to hear his particular favorites that I decided to suck it up and just purchase the entire album. Now, we listen to the songs all the time and over and over. They have also managed the impossible a couple of times – actually lulling Piglet to sleep.

However, these lullabies came most useful this week when we were stuck in the car all stressed in heavy traffic, and tensed up because we were running late for an official dinner. I was starting to snap when K fished out my iPhone and started playing these songs. Sophie Barker’s sweet voice and quiet music soothed everyone’s ruffled tempers and made the drive so much more pleasant and relaxing. This really helped us retain our sanity that day.

Thank goodness for Sophie Barker! We just love her around here.

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