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Music Meets Runway Pre Party 2012.

By Jibbywest @fashionaddictsu
Music Meets Runway Pre Party 2012.
Hi dolls... Just realised I haven't shared pictures from the MMR 2012 pre party.
I landed in London today so I could meet boxing day sales. I was so excited throughout my flight and nothing could bring my spirit down, not even the two baby lumps of pounded yam Virgin Atlantic served with beef for lunch. It was so funny, the menu said yam and I automatically assumed fried yam with beef sauce and spinach. I landed in Heathrow at 4.15pm and called a cab but the waiting time was not encouraging neither was the fare and a half price quote I got. I decided to look for mini cab guys that normally bug me at the airport but to my annoyance, they were not there. My sister-in-law and I decided to get Heathrow Express to Paddington but the train was not running.
Finally went underground only to discover that they were on strike and there were delays and some trains were not running. At this point, I had completely given up on going to Bond street so I went home.
On the way home, I heard that people had been queuing since 1am that morning so all the good stuff would have gone before 10am. Apparently over 3000 people started queuing at Bluewater Kent at midnight and other shopping destinations like Selfridges, Harrods, Liberty etc were crowded. It got me questioning if we were really in a recession!!!
Back to my post...
So I stopped by at the MMR pre party sponsored by Ciroc at sip last week after work and it was a blast!!!
Music Meets Runway Pre Party 2012.
I did not have time to change so I wore my work clothes... a shirt I got from Indigo Boutique Lagos with my leather detail pants.
Music Meets Runway Pre Party 2012.
Hope everyone had an amazing boxing day!!!

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