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Music for Meditation: Tuu – Body Of Light

By Soulthriller

Tuu - One Thousand Years

From the album One Thousand Years, Body of Light by Tuu is a beautiful and powerful song to play in the background as you meditate if you are looking for a recreation of an experience where it’s as if there are people within your presence using singing bowls in a way that evokes powerful frequencies of sound that make you feel vibrations in an intimate way.

The harmonic vibrations in Body of Light are so strong in their effects that you may feel an altered state of awareness in mere moments. Combine this with a meditation in which you expand your awareness of the energy surrounding you as well as the energy circulating within you and you will be able to experience a very healing meditation session. Magnify the strength of your energy within and feel the mystical embrace of Body of Light as you go inward deeper and deeper.


Click to playMusic for Meditation: Tuu – Body Of LightTuu - Body Of Light



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