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Music for Meditation: Loop Guru – The Third Chamber

By Soulthriller

Loop Guru - The Third Chamber
Some music has the intention of stirring up higher emotional states in us on a purely sensational level (being appealing to the basic senses). Other music however, wants to stimulate our minds and higher states of awareness within this existential Reality where we are being and becoming. Loop Guru chooses to do the latter. The worldbeat music artists that make up Loop Guru have an incredible way of telling a story that is so deep, so vast, and so intricately beautiful in the form of musical harmonies. It is both fascinating and hypnotizing.

When listening to The Third Chamber close your eyes, turn off the lights, and prepare to be taken on a journey into a reality where the term organic reality takes on a full sense of actuality. Personally, when I hear this incredible musical masterpiece, I am reminded of The Wingmakers and specifically The Third Chamber that is one of several chambers from which incredibly philosophical and spiritual guidance and wisdom comes from that is shrouded in incredible mystery and wonderment that is something worth exploring.

Let yourself be taken where the music leads you to and through. Stream into your consciousness the tranquility, serenity, and peace that wishes to flow inwards, filling you with a mystical wisdom encoded within musical harmonies. To quote the Third Chamber transmissions directly, “Throughout the cosmos there is life — the expression of First Source in individuated form. These are the divine fragments that are always in the process of separating to experience individual expression of self, and congealing to experience universal expression of First Source. We are born from the very womb of the cosmos, and it is here that all will return in time. It matters not when or how. It only matters why. “

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