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Music for Meditation: Liquid Mind

By Soulthriller

Music Meditation: Liquid Mind

Liquid Mind is a collection beautiful harmonics created in a way that will absolutely lower your brainwaves to such a degree that you cannot help it but feel inner peace. It’s described as being “deeply relaxing sedative music created by Lose Angeles composer and producer Chuck Wild. His tranquil and beautiful soundscapes are specially designed to reduce anxiety and promote sleep and excellent health.” I personally enjoy these meditations with light Japanese incense in order to enhance the meditations and recommend it if you are looking to create a truly sacred space that invites peace and tranquility into your being.

You can head over to Liquid Mind’s website to explore the entire series of meditation music and take your meditations to unparalleled levels. There is also a special 5 minute meditation offered here that can revitalize your soul and have your mind feeling at ease in such a way that you will not allow the various difficulties of your daily life to bring you down. Read the instructions and listen to the special serene meditation music offered for free and melt away any worries or concerns you may have.

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