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Music for Meditation: Jonathan Goldman – Ultimate Om

By Soulthriller

Ultimate Om

Moving back towards what could be considered truly meditative music, we set our hears onto an incredible layering of sounds that creates the Ultimate Om. Created by sound healer Jonathan Goldman, this hour long continuous Om is extremely powerful and can take you so deep into your meditative state that you will undoubtedly want to use it again and again for your meditations.

Om has long been considered the primordial sound of creation (form coming out of formlessness). The harmonics of Om have the power to induce a meditative state and create a feeling of being one with the universe. It is also known as the ‘Anahat Nada’, the “Unstruck Sound”, meaning that the sound that is not made by two things striking together. It, rather emanates on its own and contains all sounds in itself.

Below is a half-hour version of the Ultimate Om (the full version is 71 minutes) which should give you a very good taste of the transcendental journey this collection of harmonic sounds will provide you. Using Goldman’s description, the Ultimate OM brings peace and harmony to those who listen and will help create balance and alignment in everyday lives, assisting in calming and centering your mind and body.

Music for Meditation: Jonathan Goldman – Ultimate Om
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