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Music for Meditation: Carbon Based Lifeforms – World of Sleepers

By Soulthriller

world of sleepers

Meditation music doesn’t have to be limited to the likes of what is typically thought of as music for meditation. Far from it. The purpose of the Music for Meditation series on Peace and Loveism is to light up the waters of awareness to the incredible soundscapes that come from modern artists who are bringing the music of the future to us today. In the past we have looked at Essay, Eluvium, Aphex Twin, and Sundrenched. Today, I bring to you my absolute favorite ambient music artist that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing…Carbon Based Lifeforms. The two people behind the mesmerizing music are Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad who stream a synergy of creative energy into harmonic form. Their stated goal with their music “is to combine earth and space in their music.”

Nature & Technology. These are the focus of CBL and you can certainly hear this throughout their ambient musicscapes. As stated elsewhere, “they like to represent both the positive and negative effects that this collaboration can lead to, including the negative impact that incorrect technology can have on the environment.” When you listen to their music, particularly their World of Sleepers release, which is 1 hour and 20 minutes long, you feel as if you are taking a journey that flows uninterrupted and takes you on an inner path to outer spaces that you cannot help but close your eyes and allow yourself to be swayed ever which way the harmonic harmony takes you. You will feel a wide spectrum of emotion as the musical tides go through their motions of being and becoming.

Listen to the full release of World of Sleepers below and allow your meditation to evolve itself past what you thought meditation was. Experience a full richness to an experience where you are solitary yet connect with everything, experiencing a collective Whole that emanates pulsations of existence that lovingly are the reason why you exist.

Music for Meditation: Carbon Based Lifeforms – World of Sleepers
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