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Mums with Overweight Kids Are Bad Mums

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Mums with overweight kids are bad mums

There was worldwide outrage when newspapers started to report that a British family had all of her 7 children taken into care- The devastated parents disclosed that the children had been put up for adoption because some of them were obese.

The parents admitted that yes they sometimes struggled raising all 7 children, but maintain they never hurt or abused them.

This raises many questions ….

Is it ever right to remove children because they are over weight or because the family are large or a little unruly ?

Is love enough to bring up a family ?

Social services were brought into the family after their 10 year old child stated to a teacher that his father had hurt him-The father stated this to be false and social services began an investigation.The parents believe they were not treated fairly by social services and felt they were being judged as an obese family.

The mom weighs 23 stone,The father 21 stone and their 12 year old weighed 16 stone,their 11 year old weighed 12 stone and the 3 year old 4 stone.They claimed the other children only had a little bit of puppy fat.

They were told the children had 3 months to lose weight or they would ALL be taken into care.The parents state they sent their children to football and dance lessons to encourage weight loss.

One of their children asked to go into voluntary care this raised more suspicion with social services.Soon after social services came to the conclusion that all children would be placed into foster care.

The children were allowed visits on one condition they only had 3 children visiting at a time and the parents had been moved to a flat as they no longer had children staying over night.They spent 2 years in the specialist flat fighting for their child.

In time the  decision was made that younger children would be put up for adoption.Social services believed it was in the children’s best interest.

The parents now have  no contact with the youngest four and see they see the other children 3 times a month.

Do you believe this was the right thing to do,should the parents have had their children taken away for being over weight ?

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