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Mummy Where Do Babies Come From?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10038915 Mummy Where Do Babies Come From?

Mummy, where do babies come from? Has to be the most scariest question your kids can ask you. That question arises at some point and I think its best to be prepared.

My three eldest children of course know that babies are made by having sex. It was once they started asking questions that I had to try my best to explain in an age appropriate manner. I would much rather they know the truth than pick up half truths from friends.

But the three babies are just happy knowing that they just appear in a mummy’s tummy.

I asked my mommy friends how they would answer the question;


Kimberley; Mummy’s tummy as she’s only 3 and half

Kate; Mummy’s belly

Leigh; Daddy plants a seed and mommy grows the baby in her tummy

Deborah; Mummy’s belly

Francesca; Mummy’s tummy. My daughter asks if the baby’s going to “pop out

Kylie; As I have to c sections and I have a scar from my son ( he’s nearly 3 ) I’m due another in 6 weeks and have been telling him that the doctor cuts across my special zip ( the scar ) like he did with him and takes the baby out and then zips me back up, he hasn’t asked “how” she got in there get thou

Hannah; Jack was a month of 2 when I had Emma and he knows she came from my tummy. We also have a friend who just had a baby and he said baby was in her tummy. So until he’s older that’s what were sticking with.

Kelly;  I would say mummy’s tummy. I have no idea how I will explain to my little girl that she didn’t come out of my tummy thou

Nicola; My mom told me I came out of her belly button, she must of been stuck for words at the time

Carol; Both my girls 4 and 3 known that I carried them in my tummy and they came out my moo and it was sore but worth it,  no point holding back

Lian; The stork. I still told my girls that with Owen and Brayden and they’re 10 and 11, obviously they know the truth but I cant bring myself to say it

Pinx; My 4 year old knows he was in my tummy before he was born. But no other details have been requested. Thankfully!

Sabs; My sister told my boy they come from a shop  he wont accept that they come from mummies belly

Zara; Lilly knows baby’s come from ladies tummy’s but  I haven’t been asked how they got their or out yet and don’t know how I will answer that

Laura; I’m pregnant with my 3rd, my eldest is nearly 3 and tells everyone he sees mommy has his new baby in her belly  he’s dead excited bless

Charlotte; My son was two said they came out a magic door, (his own words) last year when he was 7 he asked and I said magic, he said no, so I asked how he thought they got there and he said magic

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Mummy Where Do Babies Come From? What Is Your Answer?

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