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Muggy Days, Clothes Small Talk

By Agnes

Every year, just as the weather starts getting this muggy, I question my sanity for choosing to live down here [F l o r i d a ].

(A gallon of ice tea + multiple showers  + industrial strength talcum powder do get you through the day just fine though.) 

lucky abbey road

Found an unopened pack of tanks left over from a couple of years ago. 

Sure hope they still sell these: best colors ever

fruit of the loom tanks

The discovery of these tanks, coinciding with this sticky weather has rendered me completely uninspired to wear anything else.

Swapping out shoes, bags and sunglasses is about as creative as I have gotten lately: 

shoes bags

[Long live jeans & tanks.]

Speaking of bags, I'm pretty sure I've never seen bags I loved this much:

patricia nash bags

(all three by Patricia Nash)

That old world travel feel!!!

Just a glance at these sends me off to so many worlds all at once…  sleeping under the stars with my old friends (those were the days), reading Herman Hesse, my good old hitchhiking days, a Singapore Sling on the veranda of the Raffles, reading Kipling, Asian villages, monasteries, living out of a suitcase… what are these bags doing to me? I love them so much!!!

Until next time.


p/s: Come to think of it, it's not even that muggy today... or maybe just stopped noticing it. 


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