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Muay Thai DVD - Cheap Training Footage!

By Thegatekeeper

I recently found out about this Muay Thai DVD and wanted to share it with you guys. Basically, it is a set of training videos by a European Muay Thai Champion that cater to both new and experienced people in this art.


Muay Thai Knee


If you:


  • Want to keep learning even while outside the dojo
  • Learn how to read your opponent
  • Increase your kick accuracy and power
  • Learn specific Muay Thai stretches
  • Learn how to train at home
  • Strengthen your nerves to lessen the damage from impacts
  • Feel like you are "stuck" in your training and need a boost


Muay Thai Jab


Then you too might be interested in this Muay Thai DVD. I paid and got my first set of videos about 2 weeks ago, and they actually do teach you new tricks (unlike some of the other videos I saw). I also got a free 100 page e-book worth $47.77 called "Marial Arts Pressure Points Revealed" that has some useful diagrams in it.


So in point form, what you get is:


  • 40 minutes of footage instantly after you purchase
  • The e-book mentioned above
  • A new instructional video each month


You can purchase the first set for just $9.95, and if you don't like it they have a 60 day money back guarantee. Also, your first month is free (so you actually get 2 set of videos for $9.95).


Interested? Check it out here.

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