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Muay Thai Ankle Support - Is It Helpful?

By Thegatekeeper

When training, one of the biggest priorities should be safety. One of the popular questions I see getting asked is if Muay Thai Ankle Support is helpful. From personal experience and talking with other people, I have come to the conclusion that the ankle support isn't meant to squeeze the ankle, but more of a means to protect the skin from breaking when kicking, keep the joint warm, increase traction, and prevent burns from mat burns.


You have two options when it comes to Muay Thai Ankle Support. You can use wrap tape and do it yourself before every session, or get the ones that you put on.


If you want the wrap tape, you can check out:


Wrap Tape


Or if you want the ones that you put on (like a sock), check out:


Hayabusa Ashi MMA Foot Grips


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