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MSN Sniffer is a Vital Parental Control Tool

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Most school-aged children now tend to spend more time in front of the computer vs. the television helping to make a strong case for using MSN Sniffer to monitor their actions.  Because you cannot always be there to physically monitor a child’s online browsing, you need tools like MSN Sniffer Software that can help you monitor things even when you are not around to do so personally.  Once installed, MSN Sniffer will begin monitoring all activities on MSN and relaying the collected surveillance data back to your user account for review, including:

  • All VOIP’s Made Using MSN Messenger
  • Every Instant Message Sent or Received via MSN Messenger
  • All Contact Names Including Hidden Contacts

MSN Sniffer is a Vital Parental Control Tool


Since VOIP’s, or calls made over the Internet, will never appear on any phone bill, you need programs like MSN Sniffer Software to track and monitor them.  Whenever a VOIP is placed or received, MSN Sniffer will secretly make a recording of the call and send it to a user account where you can later listen to it in its entirety.

When it comes to communicating with people over the Internet, chatting or the sending and receiving of Instant Messages has become the dominant format.  But because a loved one can delete these messages before you ever have the chance to review them, you need MSN Sniffer Software.  While someone can always delete an Instant Message log from their computer, they cannot erase the IM’s collected by programs like MSN Sniffer.

MSN Sniffer is also a great tool for identifying the people your loved one is really communicating with via MSN Messenger.  You see, tech-savvy individuals can easily use privacy settings and other features to hide contact names from prying eyes—until now.  With MSN Sniffer Software, you will instantly be able to circumvent those privacy settings and finally see exactly who is in your loved one’s inner circle of contacts.

MSN Sniffer Cannot Fully Record All Activities on the Computer

MSN Sniffer Software is the perfect application if your loved one only used MSN Messenger exclusively whenever they hopped on the computer.  However, your loved one is likely visiting other websites, using other social networking platforms like Facebook or Yahoo, and probably a lot of other activities that simply cannot be traced by MSN Sniffer.

To get a more complete picture of your loved one’s activities, you will need more surveillance tools than can be provided in any MSN Sniffer Software Suite.  In fact, you will need to look for computer monitoring applications that include all of these attributes:

  • Screen Shots Automatically Generated Whenever User Changes Application or Visits New Website
  • Keystroke Logging
  • Yahoo and MSN Sniffer Software
  • Location Tracking for Laptops
  • Surround Recording
  • VOIP Monitoring

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