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  • Sister Christian

    Sister Christian

    Film: Elmer Gantry Format: DVD from NetFlix on laptop. I had interesting, mixed feelings about watching Elmer Gantry. I make no secret about my lack of religiou... Read more

    The 05 November 2014 by   Sjhoneywell
  • The Official Trailer For ‘Tevar’ Starring Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha And...

    Official Trailer ‘Tevar’ Starring Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha Manoj Bajpayee

    Eros International has released the trailer for the much awaited film Tevar on 10th of November. The project is directed by Amit Sharma and written by... Read more

    The 11 November 2014 by   Cinesilver
  • Junk Mail

    Junk Mail

    Film: The Letter (1929) Format: Turner Classic Movies on rockin’ flatscreen. I’ve watch this story before. In situations like this, I probably should see the... Read more

    The 13 November 2014 by   Sjhoneywell
  • Jake Gyllenhaal Creeps Through the Eerie Nightcrawler

    Jake Gyllenhaal has large eyes. I know that’s not a particularly deep criticism, but it’s the one thought that kept flittering through my mind when I watched... Read more

    The 19 November 2014 by
  • Pre-Code Essentials: Blonde Crazy (1931)

    Pre-Code Essentials: Blonde Crazy (1931)

    PlotBert Harris (James Cagney) is a hotel bellhop by day and runs gambling and bootlegging rackets by night. When Anne Roberts (Joan Blondell) shows up at the... Read more

    The 04 November 2014 by   Thehollywoodrevue
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (2014) Review

    Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part (2014) Review

    The penultimate part of the Hunger Games saga with an explosive chapter from start to the cliffhanger finish. We are back with Katniss Everdeen the girl on... Read more

    The 22 November 2014 by   Caz
  • Pre-Code Essentials: Scarface (1932)

    Pre-Code Essentials: Scarface (1932)

    PlotWith the death of gang leader Big Louie Costillo, the doors are open for major gang activity as various gangs fight to take control over the south side of... Read more

    The 26 November 2014 by   Thehollywoodrevue
  • Gone Girl (Spoilers!)

    Gone Girl (Spoilers!)

    Gone Girl plays on so many levels that even after a couple of days of watching it, I am unable to collect all my thoughts together and group them into a review. Read more

    The 05 November 2014 by   Raghavmodi
  • New Releases (06/11/2014)

    Releases (06/11/2014)

    In cinemas this week: Interstellar, Two Days, One Night, Love, Rosie, My Mistress, Finding Vivian Maier and Rise. Interstellar - With our time on Earth coming t... Read more

    The 03 November 2014 by   Andrewbuckle22
  • Sin City: a Dame to Kill for (2014)

    City: Dame Kill (2014)

    Starring: Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin, Eva Green, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Powers Booth Directed by: Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller Synopsis: Some... Read more

    The 13 November 2014 by   Thomasjford


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