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  • Oscar Got It Wrong!: Best Director 1991

    Oscar Wrong!: Best Director 1991

    The Contenders: John Singleton: Boyz n the Hood Barry Levinson: Bugsy Oliver Stone: JFK Jonathan Demme: The Silence of the Lambs (winner) Ridley Scott: Thelma... Read more

    The 10 October 2014 by   Sjhoneywell
  • Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Official Teaser Trailer

    Marvel's "Avengers: Ultron" Official Teaser Trailer

    Finally!!!After days of mobile rips flying around showing half clear to fully concealed videos, now Marvel has released the full length trailer of 'Avengers 2'. Read more

    The 23 October 2014 by   Remesh Venkitachalam
  • Falling in Love (1984) Review

    Falling Love (1984) Review

    During a shopping trip in New York City Frank and Molly literally run into each other and have a chance encounter. During this encounter books... Read more

    The 05 October 2014 by   Caz
  • Shepard and Dark (2013)

    Shepard Dark (2013)

    Starring: Sam Shepard, Johnny Dark Directed by: Treva Wurmfeld Synopsis: Shepard Dark is the remarkable story of a friendship in letters. Read more

    The 22 October 2014 by   Thomasjford
  • #1,516. Nightmare Man (2006)

    #1,516. Nightmare (2006)

    Directed By: Rolfe KanefskyStarring: Tiffany Shepis, Blythe Metz, Luciano SzafirTag line: "Your dreams won't save you"Trivia: Blythe Metz kept to herself and... Read more

    The 11 October 2014 by   Dvdinfatuation
  • #1,510. Fido (2006)

    #1,510. Fido (2006)

    Directed By: Andrew CurrieStarring: Kesun Loder, Billy Connolly, Carrie-Anne MossTag line: "Good dead are hard to find"Trivia: Carrie-Anne Moss's mother, Barbar... Read more

    The 05 October 2014 by   Dvdinfatuation
  • Fictional Computers: An Infographic

    Fictional Computers: Infographic

    Here we have a graphic from the England based web design agency called Glow New Media about good and evil fictional computers/artificial intelligence systems... Read more

    The 15 October 2014 by   Rukhaiyaaramrit
  • Ten Days of Terror!: Humanoids from the Deep

    Days Terror!: Humanoids from Deep

    Film: Humanoids from the Deep (Monster) Format: Streaming video from NetFlix on laptop. Ah, Roger Corman brings such joy to the movie screen, doesn’t he? Read more

    The 28 October 2014 by   Sjhoneywell
  • Book Review – Iron Man: Doomquest by David Michelinie, Bob Layton and John Romit...

    Book Review Iron Man: Doomquest David Michelinie, Layton John Romita

    Doomquest collects two stories from Michelinie’s run on Iron Man that see the invincible Avenger go head-to-head with the nefarious Dr. Doom. Read more

    The 13 October 2014 by   Manofyesterday
  • Cold in July (2014)

    Cold July (2014)

    Starring: Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard, Don Johnson, Wyatt Russell, Vinessa Shaw, Nick Damici Directed by: Jim Mickle Synopsis: When a protective father meets... Read more

    The 13 October 2014 by   Thomasjford


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