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Posted on the 22 June 2021 by Uplarn @UPLARN_MEDIA may be blocked ISP on your region, so we have short listed best alternatives. The similar sites like MovieNights allow you to watch Movies and TV shows online for free.

A night out at the movies is just out of most people's budgets these days. By the time we pay the exorbitant ticket prices and the outrageous costs of popcorn and a drink (not to mention $4.00 candy boxes), we have already spent the equivalent of at least half a week's groceries for a family of four. Add to that an alcoholic beverage at a minimum of $7.00 apiece for a couple, and we are fast approaching a "surf and turf" dinner at a high-end restaurant.

Owners of movie theaters know they are in trouble. They have built huge cinemas, with 10 - 12 screens, most of which are less than half full even on a weekend date night. To sweeten the pot, they have added vibrating recliner seating and even dinner seating with full meal options. Others are offering an entire theater for private parties at about $100 a pop. Of course, the food costs are where they make their money - no bargain there!

Consumers Want Alternatives

It's no surprise the movie watchers have looked for an alternative for years. Enter movie viewing options like Netflix and Hulu - much cheaper alternatives. And with a large-screen TV, a comfortable recliner, and much cheaper food and drink, watching movies from home is a perfect alternative.

Enter Live Streaming Movie Services

Now it gets even better. The live-streaming alternative allows movie watchers to view films on any device in the house. Thus, adults can watch a movie on their wide-screen, and kids can watch their favorites on PCs, laptops, and/or tablets - any device at all.

Imagine a two-hour layover in an airport with a seven-year-old - not a pleasant prospect, unless you have a live-streaming movie service with a huge library (sorry, there is no way to control the costs of food and drink in that environment).

One of the earliest and popular live-streaming movie services is MovieNight, with its large library.

A Brief Look at MovieNight

MovieNight is one of the easiest streaming websites for both television series and movies. There are no charges for the majority of picks and some pretty great features like "theme" recommendations for double features or more, the ability to add multiple types of speakers, viewer reviews and feedback, and more.

The library is divided into categories for easy selection. As with most live-streaming movie sites, there is a free option, but this will include fewer available shows and the annoyance of commercials in between shows and movies.

There is a "commercial denial" feature, but it is a bit tricky to use, and it takes 24 hours for those ads to go away. Still, among the many live-streaming options, this is probably a good one.

Are there any similar sites like Of course. We consumers always want to see if someone else has something better to offer.

The Top Alternatives

While this is a matter of opinion, here are 10 popular alternatives that you might want to take a look at.

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