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Movie Review – Get Real (1998)

By Manofyesterday

Director: Simon Shore

Stars: Ben Silverstone, Brad Gorton, Charlotte Brittain, Stacy Hart, Kate McEnery, Patrick Nielsen, Tim Harris, James D. White, Jacquetta May, David Lumsden

Love is complicated, especially when you’re a teenager, especially when you’re a homosexual and in the closet, especially when you fall for the star jock of the school, especially when he reciprocates…

Get Real is a British film made in the 90s but it feels like it could have been made today. I’m surprised the actors haven’t been more famous since they all did good work here, especially Silverstone in the lead role. While the focus is on what it’s like to be a homosexual in a world where being gay is a stigma, the film does look at other aspects of love as well and through some of the supporting characters shows how painful it can be. It’s very mature with its attitude to sex and the way the characters interact with each other. It feels authentic and this adds to the appeal to the film.

Steven (Silverstone) is in the closet, and spends his time fooling around with older men near toilets in the park. Then he sees John there, and although John is insecure about his sexuality the two of them start dating, in secret. There’s a conflict though as John puts his reputation above his relationship with Ben, and this leads to some heartbreaking moments.

What really made this film grip me was the end. The acting from Silverstone combined with the writing was enthralling and highly emotional. I highly recommend this film. It touches on many aspects of love and really captures the uncertainty of growing up and out into the world. Definitely check this one out.

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