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Motor Vehicle Deaths Vs. Firearm Deaths

Posted on the 09 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
Via the great spin doctor, Winston Dorian.
Motor Vehicle Deaths vs. Firearm DeathsThe "spinning" aspect of his post is in limiting it to "accidental deaths." That covers virtually all motor vehicle deaths but only a tiny percentage of gun deaths.
In fact every category on the list is like that. Although there are murders and suicides involving suffocation and poison, for example, the percentage is extremely low, as it is with cars. Firearms are the only category on the list about which this isn't true. In fact overall gun deaths would come in a close second to those of motor vehicles.
Wouldn't this make for a good argument in FAVOR of gun control? Rather than harming the gun control argument by highlighting how few "accidental deaths" there really are, doesn't the true picture cry out for better controls and regulations?
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