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By Dynamicreality @Carl_ball
Motivational MusingsTick Tock, Tick Tock

Am writing this after having travelled to London and back, its good to see different places it makes you realise there is more out there in the world, you can easily get stuck in a rut and become closed minded living in your own little world.Life is much the same, you become comfortable with your way of life. Its not great although its not terrible either, its just okay. You remember when you were younger and you had all these plans for the future and big ideas on what you wanted to do. Somewhere along the way they lost priority, turned from tangible plans to distant dreams you once had. You left education then landed yourself a job, where you were relatively comfortable financially, you enjoyed the moment, you lived for the moment, all seemed great within your little life but all along the clock kept ticking.Soon you fell in love, maybe started a family. Studying, education, learning, it all seemed so far behind you. The job you once enjoyed became a joyless chore, a means of funding the rest of your life, your pay didn't increase as quickly as your financial burdens, your margins tightened. The stress slowly crept up on you, the clock kept ticking.Now, change becomes difficult you have too many things to consider, its too much of an effort, you kid yourself into thinking things aren't that bad, you spend time with friends in the same position, always reinforcing the illusion. Your dreams, your potential, your ambitions are now distant specks in the rear view mirror of your life.This story or something similar happens all the time and people carry on, never quite satisfied throughout there lives, always wanting something different but without drive, courage, discipline and focus its not going to happen.No amount of change is easy, there is no quick fix, yet so many people spend so much time searching for it. The big lottery win, fad diets, get rich quick schemes, the world is awash with these, they use the pressures of your current life to entice you. The clock keeps ticking.You decide, remember we all have a choice.We only have one go at this thing we call life, there is no trial run so we must start making the right choices now so we can make a difference and maybe be truly happy!

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