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Motherhood = Connection

By Janehspark

There are so many things that are amazing about motherhood, but one of the most unexpected joys for me was learning how connecting it can be.

Aside from my book group, the only other all women’s group (actually, the only other group period!) I’ve joined in the past decade is my PEPs group. (Unless you count Julep, in which case I’ve been part of three girlfriend groups).

Since my children are 9 and 6, it’s been a while since I’ve been on the receiving end of the flood of girlfriend care, but I always love contributing to the torrent of attention, gifts, advice, and love for my sisters and girlfriends who are following my great example and having children of their own:)  I particularly love watching the people I love become parents.

To me, all infants are more or less the same, but every mother becomes a mother in her own unique way. This week I’m thinking about my mom – but also all my sisters, and all my friends who are embracing this incredible role with such warmth, humor, practicality, creativity, intelligence, patience, fun and enthusiasm. Happy Motherhood!

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