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Mother’s Day is Around the Corner. Give Mom Something Special!

By Lessonsofadad @lessonsofadad

Mother’s Day is around the corner.  Give mom something special! Next Sunday is a very special day for the lovely moms in our lives.  With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s just but right that you’d give mom something special.  If you're having trouble finding that perfect Mother's Day gift, maybe what I'm going to feature below can help.
Amazon makes finding the perfect gift for mom really easy by gathering all their top gift products that moms would love all in one page.  Very handy. 
Click here to see Amazon’s Mother’s Day gifts.
What’s cool with what they’ve done is that they listed gifts for all sorts of moms, such as:
•   The Household CEO: home goods for the mom who loves to keep her household well-kept and well-stocked.  (This is sooo wifey)
•   The Crafty Mom: for the ladies who love their scrapbooking, sewing, stitching, etc.
•   The Professional Mom: for moms who try their utmost to balance work and parenting.
•   The Luxe Mom: for the mommies who love bling (or for the children who’d like to give moms something pretty this year)
•   The Escape Artist:  for the moms who love the entertainment, be it movies, music, or literature.
•   The Fit Mom: for the sporty mommies who love to work out a sweat and stay fit.
Scroll down the Mother’s Day gifts page and you’ll also encounter big discounts for Mother's Day gifts as well.  You can save up to 70% on jewelry and 40% off beauty products, for example.
Mother’s Day is around the corner, so give mom something special! 
In a day or two, I will also post the mom equivalent to my blog post on parenting books for Christian dads.  (Although you can go ahead and go there now.  Some of the books are dad-specific, but others are books any parent can use)  I suggest you subscribe to my blog so that you'll be the first to find out what these cool books are.

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