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Mother Nature Seriously Needs Some Lithium. I Have Now Tu...

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Mother Nature seriously needs some Lithium. I have now turned the heat back on and drug out coats and hats. 80 degrees to 60 has messed me up! Laundry has decreased by half because the kids were finally running shirtless, sockless and even pantless. Hey.......I think 6 and under can play in underwear if they choose too. :)
On a much sadder deeper not...I got the call today I'd been expecting for a couple weeks now. They called the family in for Aunt Fanny. I got the opportunity to sit alone with her a good long while and hold her hand and rub her hair. She knew I was there. I believe that. She tried with her best effort to make words come out but they would not. My Aunt is a tall slender blondie with exquisite taste. She always wore the best, drove the best, lived in the best, ect. Despite most who enjoy the finer things of life she also has the most spectacular demeanor to go along with it. Crazy about me. Spoiled my boys rotten. Made it to most ever birthday party, birth, get together, or hospitalization me or my children ever had. Today revealed a much different side of her. She's been sick for a while. Dementia. Today she had ghost white hair, pale skin, purple circles around her eyes, and weighed 88 pounds. Had her name not been on the door I would have sworn I was in the wrong room.
Tomorrow we will be going to buy suits for all the boys and Danny. She would be very disappointed if she thought we were standing over her casket in kakies and polo shirts. So, Fanny......for you my dear........we will be dressed in our best when the time comes. Feel free to stick around a little longer. Zackary is demanding to see his Aunt Fanny tomorrow.

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