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MOTD : Smokin’ It! | Bon Parisien

By Bonparisien

Hi, world! How you doin’?

For my Makeup Of The Day today, I show you how to do a smoky eye with a lower lash twist. Smoky eye makeup isn’t something that I do a lot (I’m a neutral whore, what can I say) but when I DO do a smoky look, I always make sure to do four things:

1. BLEND BLEND BLEND like there is no tomorrow. You can never blend enough, is what I always think of when doing a smoky look.

2. I always put a contrasting color on the inner corner of the eyes. It does not matter if it’s a shimmery nude, a striking silver, or even a bright blue, I always put something that is NOT dark on the inner corners to bring light back to the eyes.

3. I ALWAYS wear false lashes whenever doing a smoky eye. You don’t want your lashes to drown from all the dark eyeshadow on your lids. The only way to make them stand out: falsies. If you can wear multiple pairs on your eyes at once, go for it.

4. I ALWAYS put on a nude lip. Be it a pinkish nude, a peachy nude, or concealer-type nude, I never ever put something on the lips that will contrast the dark makeup I’ve got going on on my eyes.

I hope this helps! And I hope you like this tutorial as well. Thanks!

Much love,

MOTD : Smokin’ it! | Bon Parisien

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