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Most Wanted #2 - MAC Edition

By Luce Stephenson @Luce_Stephenson
Hey Lovelies! Today I have another most wanted post but this time it is solely dedicated to one make up brand - MAC! Oh how I lust over MAC, especially the lipsticks as you will be able to tell from this post. Here is a print screen of my shopping basket - I will own these one day.
Most Wanted #2 - MAC EditionThe first thing I reaaallllyyyy want is the Pro Longwear concealer because their mineralise one creases on me slightly if I put too much on by accident (The joys of getting ready early in the morning) and apparently this one doesn't budge or crease alll day so I think it would definitely be right up my street!
I'm really interested in their Melba blusher due to watching Nicole Guerriero videos on YouTube as she uses this a lot and damn I love that girl!
And as you can probably tell, I'm slightly obsessed with lipsticks as I have a total of 7 lipsticks in my basket! I'm not going to go through them individually but I must add that I've looked at swatches online and hopefully all of them will suit my pale skin - boohoo. I only had 6 until recently when I went to a Blogger Social Event in Sunderland and got recommended Chatterbox - the danger of bbloggers coming together!
In total my basket came up to just over £130 which is crazy but no where near as bad as £240 before I cut things down!

Do you have any MAC products calling your name? Or any lipsticks recommendations for pale lil' me? Then let me know in the comments below! 
Remember, honesty is key.Most Wanted #2 - MAC Edition

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