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Most Costly Five Mistakes After a Car Accident–App for Motorists

Posted on the 26 February 2015 by Caglelawfirm @ZCagle

injury attorney phone appCar accidents are without a doubt one of the most traumatic things you can encounter.  The Cagle Law Firm has developed a phone app that allows you to carry your car insurance information in a secure app. It also has a checklist of information and other resources you need following a vehicle accident.

Download our free phone application for iPhone or Droid. There are sections in the Injury Attorney app that assist you in calling emergency responders, take photos and store your insurance information so that you have the information at your finger tips.

You must act in a way to protect yourself. After a crash, we are emotional and do not always think straight. Our app provides a checklist and way to easily contact resources you will need regardless of the city or state where you have the crash.

Five mistakes that can end up costing you include:

1. Failing to accept or obtain medical attention for any injured party including yourself.

Often, people feel okay just after a crash because they are in shock or maybe because symptoms of a serious injury are not evident right away. It is best to be examined by emergency personnel immediately following an accident. Whether that means consenting to being transported by ambulance, going directly to the emergency room or a or arranging to see your family doctor immediately after you leave the scene of the accident. When you decide NOT to seek medical attention right away, the consequences can be costly and damaging to both your case and your health.

2.  Avoid calling the police and file an auto accident report.

It is critical to document the incident to determine who is at fault. If a person hits you with their vehicle and just wants to “exchange insurance information” and not call the police, you should not agree.  Tell them “no” and promptly call law enforcement yourself. Never leave the scene of the accident without contacting law enforcement and waiting for them to arrive and file a report.   If a police report is filed, then you have documentation that the accident occurred. An attorney can assist you with filing claims for injuries and sending appropriate letters, but if the accident is not documented, it can become a contest issue that the crash every happened.

3.  Making statements to the police or anyone else where you admit fault.

You may or may not be at fault–fully or partially, but you may also not know all of the facts.  You probably cannot know if the other driver was impaired, distracted or if their vehicle was not operating properly.  Never make statements admitting fault without first consulting your lawyer.

4.  Failing to gather information at the accident scene.

Not only should you get a copy of the police report, but you should be sure to exchange contact information with the other driver or drivers and insurance information of all parities. If you are able, you want to take photos of the vehicles at the crash site. Since most of our smart phones have photo capability, you can document the damage.  Be sure to get the names and telephone numbers of witnesses.

5. Providing information and speaking to the insurance company about the car accident prior to first consulting an experienced auto accident attorney.

By speaking with the insurance company before you talk with your lawyer, you could be providing information that actually harm your claim thus denying yourself compensation.

injury attorney phone application
Download our free phone app today.

Coping with a traumatic auto accident is not something that you do everyday, however, insurance companies deal with claims daily and are very good at delaying and denying claims. Avoiding the above five most costly mistakes in the first few hours/days after a crash, lands you in a position to better protect yourself.

More often that not, you may not know the extent of your injuries or the medical treatment that is going to be required for 60-90 days after an accident, thus we advise individuals to not settle a claim until they know the extent of there injuries.

You only get one chance to gain compensation. If you settle too quickly, then any further medical treatment you need related to those injuries will not be covered. We hope you are never in a car crash. Statistics indicate that drivers will be involved in an average of 4-6 motor vehicles in their lifetime, thus having a plan before a crash is important whether it is minor or serious property damage. If you are injured, you will need an attorney.  Consultations are always free, so call our attorneys the confidential evaluation toll free 1-800-685-3302 or locally 314-276-1681

Most Costly Five Mistakes After a Car Accident–App for Motorists
Article Name Five Costly Mistakes After a Car Accident Author Zane T. Cagle Description Avoiding costly mistakes after a car crash helps you recover the compensation that you need and safeguards your health and safety.

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