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Moseley Mural: 4 Seasons

By Aerosolarabic @aerosolali

Over the past two weeks i have been working on a mural in Moseley on the site of the old Meteor Ford Garage.  its been a total eyesore, a run down building surrounded by white hoardings, a site i drive past nearly every day on my way home.

I’ve painted murals in cities in different parts of the world, commissioned by city authorities, from New York to Melbourne Australia, and i’ve enjoyed giving something back to these communities.  Painting murals with a message is what i love to do,  encouraging people to think about various themes around creating a better society, addressing issues like racism and segregation, or sometimes spiritual and more contemplative themes, such as in this case in Moseley – Nature.  The idea around this mural was taking people through the cycle of the four seasons,  from Winter through to Autumn and the journey of a seed as it grows.  Something i feel we don’t reflect upon enough – the marvels of life and nature that surrounds us in the concrete jungles we exist in.

During our busy lives on our way to work – what do we ever see in the form of public art that might help us stop in our tracks and ponder for a moment?

So when i was approached about the opportunity to paint in Moseley, i jumped at the rare chance to give something back to my community more closer to home.  I’ve painted other murals in my home city of Birmingham, but this one was rather different.  I created tree structures that were in-relief, that stood away from the wall itself.  With secure fixings, the trees almost came out at you, and at different times of the day, it was wonderful to see the shadows of the tree that cast back onto the wall.   So it was a kind of mix of paint mural art, combined with sculpted forms made from wood.

After nearly 3 weeks of work, half in the studio and half of it on-site in the scorching sun, as well as thunderstorms, me and my team had now completed the mural.  Here are the pictures of the completed mural.  However sadly within 24 hours it was vandalised with Anti-Tesco scrawls across the entire mural.  The site formerly belonged to Tesco who have now sold it on.

The trees are cut out from OSB wood and loaded into the back of my van.  We had to take all the pieces and put them together to make the tree
There are four suns in different colours that represented the four seasons
Painting four Suns into place that acted as backdrops for each tree
Our carpentry team working hard to put up the tree piece by piece!
The Summer tree is the main tree that overlooks St Marys Row and can be seen from a distance as you approach it from Moseley Village
Fixing the tree into place
We took a leaf from the adjacent horse chest-nut tree and created a stencil based on that to incorporate back into the artwork.
The horse-Chestnut leaf was sprayed back into the mural.
The Winter tree - looking rather bleak!
The Spring tree with just a few branches
The Summer Tree with branches and leaves unlike the other trees.
The Autumn Tree that wraps arpund the side and hidden amongst bushes - but hopefully creates a nice surprise for people as they walk into School Road.
Some of the branches i wanted them to burst outside of the boundaries.
Great shadows cast on the wall during the latter part of the day
The four icons can be seen alongside each tree.  These graphic icons represent the stages of a seed as it grows.  The first stage symbolises winter and ends on Autumn.
the tree is secured strongly onto the hoardings
The site is surrounded by trees and i attempted to blend the art with the enivornment.  Too many a time i see public art tht is cut and paste into place with little regard to whats around it. I wanted the art to meld with the environment
What i loved about the flower pots in front of the mural is that they were created based on the design and colours of the mural.  The first collaboration between florist and graffiti artist perhaps?
Another sequence of the graphic icons depicting the stages of growth and the four seasons.
Sadly within 24 hours, Anti Tesco graffiti is painted onto the trees...
More Anti-Tesco vandalism
Anti Tesco graffiti

Sadly within 24 hours of the mural completion the mural was vandalised with anti-Tesco scrawls:

More Anti-Tesco vandalism

More Anti-Tesco vandalism

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