Destinations Magazine

Mornings in Cafes

By Agnes

By the way, and for the record: as much as I sometimes wish it was the case, drinking coffee is not the only thing I do all day. 

It's just that due to my good friend and steady coffee companion, Ernie, 

(a former photographer whose recent camera purchase engendered an unforeseen extent of photographic industriousness)

my morning coffee runs have become the single most over-photographed segments of my current existence. 

cafe 1

cafe 2

cafe 3

Other people's pictures fascinate me... the way they see the world and all that. 

cafe 4

{photos by my friend Ernie}

Ironically, I happen to be Ernie's default photographer for when he needs stuff done, but I am pretty sure one of these days he'll wake up and realize that enlisting my services was a total waste of his money -- there really isn't a thing I can do that he can't do better.

Until next time.



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