Destinations Magazine

Morning Routine

By Agnes

iced coffee


Fresh air is like a fresh mind.  

And speaking of fresh air… not a fan of synthetic air fresheners. On top of that I wasn't blessed with a very girly taste in general so most fruity concoctions, even when a 100% natural are still somewhat invasive to my senses. 

Do love the smell of books, leather, trees, vanilla, wood, saunas (eucalyptus), Asian temples, coffee, fire, babies, rain, lemons and honey though (the list goes on)… and once in a blue moon I do come across the perfect bottle of organic wholesomeness that's just right for my world.

    so for the unlikely event that someone's 

    got the same preferences as me, here are my


To me, these smell like good blues sounds… raw, calm and soulful. 

If you also prefer natural scents, please do point me to any good woody or leathery organic finds. A hint of vanilla is always a bonus.

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