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Posted on the 21 September 2012 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

More on Minimalist LivingThe whole minimalist lifestyle has made me think recently.  First it made me want to clean my entire house out again and sort through everything.  Anything not used in the past year will be given away.

It also made me think about our society and lifestyles.  Why do we as a society spend more than 40 hours a week away from our homes working in order to pay for our houses and all the nice things in them (TVs, computers and other electronics)  when we only get to enjoy them a few hours a day?  Same goes for luxury cars.  Why spend the money on an expensive car when it is most likely going to spend those same 40+ hours sitting in a parking lot in order to afford the monthly payments.  It seems we are spending too much time on obtaining new things.  We work so we can pay our bills but we also work so we can buy new things (just like the economy wants us to).  We are also constantly working more and more which leads to other problems, such as stress, depression and decreased productivity.

It seems life could be a lot simpler if we didn’t want so many things.  So many of us wouldn’t be in debt.  We could feel better about having lower paying jobs or a job that we enjoy that pays less, which means people would be happier.

The more I look into minimalist living, the more it makes sense.  It also seems to help solve some major issues happening in our society today, such as debt, unhappiness, etc.
Do you agree or disagree that minimalist living can help us?

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