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More CityVille TIPS

By Rituraj

More CityVille TIPSWell to begin with how many people around you are Face book addicts? I suppose the counting begins from you! And next question is how many apps do you use in it? Honestly, I had pretty much lost interest in meaningless  chats with long distant friends when I tried the FB app-Cityville.It surprises me how some of my friends access FB to play this game only. I mean they stay offline, harvest crops, complete buildings requests materials (nevertheless filling my wall with those spam CV posts! lol) and log out. If you are not familiar with the game (which is a rarity I supposeJ), then let me give you some basic info. It is just another “ville” game that came after the huge popularity of another FB game-Farmville. Initially it is easy to level up in the game as the XPs are easily obtained and also it doesn’t require much “help” from our friends. Gradually Ms.Samantha gives you more “help-seeking” tasks. And most of your friends never bother to “help” you unless they are an avid CV fan too. You actually start losing interest in the game because when your friends don’t send you help or materials which are needed for a building completion, your building will take a lot of time and might not get completed only. I mean it is irritating if I have to ask for 5 towels, 5 bathrobes and other stuff for completing my hotel! This otherwise can be solved if you are ready to spend cash-actual cash. You can use your “hard earned” money to buy FB credits which will help you to complete your buildings and all other tasks which were getting delayed because your friends turned blind to your desperate CV requests. I personally wouldn’t do that, would you? Also there is the concept of harvesting crops just like FV. They wither after some time if you don’t harvest in time. One of the latest offers from Samantha is to buy an eternal fountain which will never let your crops wither! But it comes for city cash!lol! Anyway so the basic thing is if you don’t get regular help from your friends in CV, you will lose interest. So what I did was I created an a/c which is only meant for CV. First thing is I added various other CV players from FB CV communities who are just like me a regular CV player. You should also add them if you don’t mind unknown people in your friend list. Otherwise create a fake one like me J. These people will always help you when you send them requests or post for needing materials on wall. And don’t forget to help them too when they post asking for stuff. Because when you do that, first you will also get one of that kind which you might need later if you are building the same construction and secondly the user will know you helped him and will also help you in return. While sending specific help requests, don’t send requests to all for one particular item. For e.g, if you have suppose 200 friends playing CV and you need to send requests for 2 different items. What you do is send the first item to your first list of friends and the second to the rest i.e., categorize and send. In this way you can be sure that you will get the required number of that particular item. Otherwise what happens is that if you send bulk requests to all your game may stop responding and secondly you will get more than the required number of items (which is not necessary) and you wont be able to send requests anymore because you can ask for help from a friend only onceL.So you wont be left with any of your friends to send requests to. Use your energy well because that bar empties itself in quite a few! If you are harvesting crops and have run out of storage no need to build storage simply supply your businesses and start harvesting again. This way your energy bar might get a little filled up and also you will have storage space. Plant crops calculating the time when you will be coming online next. Don’t just plant crops randomly. If they mature and you are not online, then they will wither and you will loose money. If you have a hotel and also a port, move the hotel nearby the port. Open your hotel after your cruise returns; you will get more check ins then and hence better pay out. While placing a decoration, don’t put them randomly put them somewhere where it covers the most businesses and gives more % payout. You can see how much %payout it is increasing while you hover your decoration across your city around businesses. Place them where it shows most. Try completing those residences first because you can house small residences there. You will save space this way because the expansions are not very large. While clearing the lands of trees, don’t remove them, removing takes energy. Uproot them and move them with the move tool. Moving doesn’t require energy. Move them somewhere where it looks good. Later on when you have ample energy and think of removing the tree you can remove it. Avoid using those wide main street black roads initially. Connect the buildings with sidewalks. This way you again save space. Later on when you have a pretty big expanded land, you can place wide streets and remodel your city. While expanding if you are short of population limit and low on cash, no need to buy a new community building. Just upgrade your existing buildings. It won’t cost you anything. Lastly, don’t forget to help your friends by visiting their cities. When you are visiting a friend first time, you will get more energy and goods. So visit them when you are low on energy. Check in their hotels as VIPs-you get better gifts. Send them ruby gifts.  When you send you get them in return. They contain bonus crew and also stuff that are available in the game only by city cash for free. Make them you are as crazy for CV as they are.I hope this article helped. Do comment and like this postJ!
PS; im giving you one really active CV active i mean really active-

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