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More Boogers Than Brains

By Dailydoseofmusings @mythoughts4sure
Seriously... I really cannot stand it when people sniffle and suck the snot back up their nose, pick their nose, and/or wipe their nose with their hand.
More Boogers Than BrainsKleenex was invented to help people cheaply and efficiently expel and dispose of their snot. A variety of cold medications, flu medications, anti-histamines, and nasal sprays were invented to cheaply and easily suppress the body's urge to make runny snot in public. Heck, if Kleenex is hard to find, what stops a person from reaching out for a handkerchief, toilet paper, or even newspaper to clear the boogers out? Yet people choose to force their boogers back up their nose until the body is inevitably forced to sneeze it out, which results in an even revolting mess, as the snot flies everywhere in a wide fountain of droplets at 100 miles an hour (161 kilometers an hour). And it sucks that these sick fools have to flaunt their runny noses IN PUBLIC.
There is nothing I hate more than watching and hearing some stupid, manner less, inconsiderate fool take a long, loud drag of boogers up his or her nose, then sneeze loudly (without covering their mouth), then drag even more snot up the nose, or play with it between their fingers. Makes me feel like vomiting on the spot, and beating the crap out of that disgusting idiot for not having the decency to go to the bathroom and clean their nose.
That's 'SNOT' how one should deal with their boogers!!!
More Boogers Than Brains

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