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More ‘Being Kind to Animals’!

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

This is Part 2 of “Being kind to animals”. (Click here for Part 1.)

  1. A scoundrel threw a rabbit in the river. So this homeless man jumped in to save the rabbit. Happily, news of his good deed led to a job offer!
    kind to animals1
  2. This homeless man lives on the streets of Brazil with his dogs, whom he would give his food before he himself eats:

    kind to animals2

  3. This man brings his old and arthritic dog to swim in Lake Superior because the water relieves some of the pain:

    kind to animals3

  4. A firefighter comforts a clearly traumatized cat rescued from a burning building:

    kind to animals4

  5. A man takes care of a dog who had been tear-gassed, along with protesters, by Turkey’s government goons:

    kind to animals5

  6. A man carries his elderly dog on his back through the flood waters from the terrible tsunami that hit Japan’s Pacific coast after the 9.0-magnitude earthquake of 2011:

    kind to animals6

  7. This service dog and his human owner both graduated with a master’s degree — the dog for behaving well in his owner’s classes:

    kind to animals7

  8. A squirrel in northern Germany got stuck in a manhole cover with only its little head peeking out. So police came to the rescue and extricated the little guy with olive oil.

    kind to animals8

H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69


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