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More 5* Reviews for Judging Angels

By Mba @mbartoloabela
More 5* reviews for Judging Angels

Unique and thrilling take on urban fantasy! Themes of marital strife, estranged family ties and fidelity are thrown for a unique curve ball in this fast-paced, urban fantasy thrill ride. A cast of original, complex characters (including everyone's soon to be favorite redhead) are interjected into the life of our protagonist, George. On his journey to rescue his kidnapped daughter, Sandy, we are led through a world of forensic analysis, other worldly challenges and well-painted suspense, and mystery on the end of every page. Tim Capps incorporates his knowledge of the legal scene into a world of mystical, harrowing action that makes Judging Angels a compelling page turner. Highly recommended, Judging Angels is an urban fantasy masterpiece that will be difficult to put down and impossible to forget. Hungry for the next installment of the The Rubricatae Chronicles.

Difficult to put this one down! Excellent urban fantasy novel with a frank and, at times, painful exploration of a marriage in its darkest moments. The story deals with characters in difficult situations discovering that it's not always the best idea to do "anything" to save someone else. It was hard to put this one down. Can't wait for the next installment!

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