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Moostash Joe Polka Party in Fremont, Nebraska

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

Moostash Joe Polka Party in Fremont, NebraskaDance has always been a passion for me and my friends. I was exposed to a child in the art of dance and participated in competitions and shows while growing up. It was discovered by the dance, I met my friends for life and my hidden talent. Dance is a part of my growing up years. I am able to meet different types of folk dances, including native modern dance hall.

An example of a passionate dancer Joe Spellerberg. It was a popular symbol in Fremont, Nebraska almost 40 years ago, because he likes dancing and KHUB called organized a dance show La Polka Show in Fremont. He was known by locals in Fremont and highly sought for programs and shows. As Moostash came up with the name Joe is as rich as the popularity of the name very interesting history had achieved over the years.

The name Moostash Joe was obtained after one fateful night Joe was then on his way to another concert dance. Apparently, he was stopped by a policeman named Mayhew because accelerate. Mayhew realized a thin mustache and wore suggested that his program needed a better name View Moostash Joe Polka. The incident left the two men with a lasting friendship and thus was born the famous name.
Moostash Joe Polka is not just a group exhibition now as Joe and his family founded a company called Moostash Joe Tours. The Moostash Joe Tours is a travel agency that was founded over 40 years ago and is now run by Joe and his family and staff and employees. The Moostash Joe Tours offers packages internationally and for the United States. Joe visited the company so that customers always satisfied.
Moostash Joe is not just about the polka, but invite all dance lovers out there with them, as the group arrives Polka Joe Moostash March 28 in the auditorium of the city of Fremont, Nebraska to celebrate.

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