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Moonsighting for Eid’l Fitr in Jolo, Sulu

By Kirkanatomy

Moonsighting for Eid’l Fitr in Jolo, Sulu
On the 29thday of the Ramadan 2013 (August 7, Wednesday), we mingled with the locals of Jolo, Sulu at the port to wait if the new born moon will be sighted which will signify the end of the holy fasting of Ramadan and celebrate the holiest holiday of Eid’l Fitr on the following day (Feast of Breaking the Fast).This is called the moonsighting, it is a conclusion to end the Ramadan on the 29th day or on the 30th day, which is depend in the appearance of the new born moon. 
My Muslim friend from Saudi Arabia even said that moonsighting can be started as early as on the 25th day.
Moonsighting for Eid’l Fitr in Jolo, Sulu
It all depended on the sighting of the moon, but conflicting official declarations in some parts of the Islamic world varied. On that night (the 29th day), the Dharul Ifta (House of Opinion) in Saudi Arabia declared the celebration of Eid’l Fitr for they saw the appearance of the new moon, it is followed by the Maranao Muslims in Marawi City and Lanao del Sur here in our country and some other Muslim countries around the world.
However, in Jolo, Sulu, we failed to witness the moon and even the so called mufti (Islamic scholars) didn’t see the appearance due to the obstruction of clouds. Moon should be seen by bare eyes and unaided.
It is one’s discretion to adhere the Dharul Ifta, making some of the locals of Jolo celebrated the Eid’l Filtr on Thursday and some followed the end of Ramadan on the 30thday and celebrated it on Friday. 

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