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Mood Board Monday (on a Wednesday) - $1800 Living Room Design

By Homewithbaxter @homewithbaxter

I spent a good portion of Monday at my sister's apartment taking measurements and working up some floor plans with her.  We made a good deal of progress and now it's on me to put some mood boards together for her to look at.  Working on this project has gotten me thinking about decorating on a budget, because frankly, we're all on a budget of some sort.  
I think a lot of people are worried to hire a decorator because they think it will be too expensive.  That doesn't have to be true.  In fact, some of the projects I've worked on have had budgets of $1000 or less for an entire room or rooms.  This is a completely reasonable budget to give a room a facelift, BUT you have to be willing to do some DIY projects, shop Craigslist and thrift stores, and get creative.  In my opinion, that's the fun part!  
Because I'm always working on new designs, I thought it'd be fun to do a weekly post showcasing my latest design and the price point.  Some weeks I may "splurge" and spend $5k plus on a room, but some weeks I'll come up with something on "the cheap." Sound fun?  
Oh, and I'll be sharing these posts on Mondays and calling them "Mood Board Monday" because I'm not creative enough right now to come up with something else.    I'll share the design, the total cost of the room, and the stores I "shopped" but I won't be sharing a complete source list with links.  I decided not to share links because 1) it's really time consuming and 2) people pay me for this type of work so it doesn't seem fair to them (or to me!).   HOWEVER, if you see a design you love and want to work with me to customize it for your space, I'm happy to help!  I offer custom mood boards starting at $75 and complete e-design packages for $150.  See my full list of services on my website, JLP Interiors.
You may have noticed that I revamped the blog a bit.  I hope you like it!  My next step is to update my Mood Boards page to make it easier to navigate and find things. I'll be adding my "Monday Mood Board" designs to this page as I publish posts so be sure to stop by and check it out for updates.
Because I totally missed posting on Monday and I have this design already done, I'm doing a Mood Board Monday post today.  Also, this post has been really long and wordy so if you're still reading, you deserve to see a picture. 
Mood Board Monday (on a Wednesday) - $1800 Living Room Design TO GET THE LOOK, SHOP: Ikea, Urban Outfitters, Target, LampsPlus, Rugs USA, World Market
This entire room (minus coffee cup and stack of books) can be put together for just under $1800.  All of these items are store bought (no DIY here), but it's still relatively affordable.
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Mood Board Monday (on a Wednesday) - $1800 Living Room Design

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