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Montessori Toys & Play Time

By Earthseamama @earthseamama
Last week I discovered Montessori concepts when researching about Montessori baby floor beds (low beds) I really like everything that I have learned about Montessori, tho I am still researching I have implemented some Montessori concepts in our home!  Baby F use to have tons of toys scattered around our living room and I had noticed he would only play with one for a few moments and then move on to the next toy. I decided to remove all but a few toys from our living room and it has made a huge change in the way he plays.
The toys currently in our living room for Baby F are 3 balls, 2 stuffed animals, a large wooden peg puzzle, a small rubber duck, a grasping ball, and a wooden train with stacking blocks. I first thought that he would miss having so many toys to play with or that he would get bored or be unhappy with the toys available for him to play with but I was wrong! Baby F now gets more involved playing with the few toys he has around him and I have found he is more content to sit on the floor and play by himself for longer periods of time. His favorite toy currently is his wooden train, he likes to tip it over and pull off all of the wooden blocks...chew on them or throw them around LOL. He also gets very involved with rolling a ball around the room pushing it away then chasing it and then pushing it again :) it is very cute. 
I will include a link to another Mothers blog that I cam across that has some excellent Montessori information. This article is exactly what I am talking about
& here is another one I came across that provided some great info
I can not wait until we get settled in our own home after the move...although I am not sure when that will be because we will be staying with family until we rent or HOPEFULLY buy a home! I have so many great ideas for the way our home will be set up for Baby F. I will start with the floor bed, toy shelves and I will be placing pictures and flash cards on our walls at his level so that I can point at them and say the word. I am addicted to browsing online stores for wooden toys but I have been able to control myself because I do not want to buy too many toys, I just want to keep it simple. 
Montessori Toys & Play Time Above: A cute example of a Montessori Toy Shelf that I found on Pinterest
ANYWAY...there is another post I said I would not be writing until we got settled after the move LOL...but I was bored and I still have major insomnia so at least I feel like I did something productive.

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