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Montessori Maths {Multiplication and Sequin Board}

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
We have been doing lots of maths exercises recently.
Defne (6 yo)has been learning about skip counting at school. Skip counting helps children prepare for multiplication.
Montessori Maths {Multiplication and Sequin Board}
As a skip counting activity, I have asked D "How can we make 6 using these buttons?"
Then I showed her that 6 buttons make 6 which means 1 is taken 6 times and on the paper I have noted down 1x6=6
Next, I showed that if we have button groups  that contain 2 buttons, than we need 3 groups of buttons. This means 2 is taken 3 times, so2x3=6.
We can also make a group of buttons that contain 3 buttons. Now we need 2 groups of buttons. 3 is taken 2 times so 3x2=6 as well.
This is a good exercise to teach the child  multiplication. Here they grab the idea that you can make different multiplications and get the same product. They can also skip count when they doing this exercise.
Once she grabbed the idea, we did the exercise with other numbers such as 8,9 and 12.
I have presented her Montessori  multiplication and division boards. She loves working with them.
Montessori activities always go from concrete to abstract. Therefore  the child does the multiplication and division exercises using small beads. Because children at this age have a sensitivity for small objects, they like using these beads. They are really tiny so they need to be very careful while they are putting them on the board.This also helps them develop their fine motor skills.
She does not memorize the multiplication table. With repetition, doing the exercises over and over, they learn.

Montessori Maths {Multiplication and Sequin Board}

Montessori Division Board

You can watch the presentation of the Division Board here and the Multiplication Board here.
We have also been practicing skip counting by using these Montessori inspired number stars. Defne likes tracing the numbers and skip counting.
Montessori Maths {Multiplication and Sequin Board}

I have been pondering whether to buy the Decanomial Bead Bars as this is what you need for the multiplication table exercises. It is quite an expensive material so we haven't decided yet.
With Derin, we have been talking about numbers. He has been trying to count the teen numbers. So during the weekend I prepared a DIY Sequin Board exercise that I have found on this blog.
Montessori Maths {Multiplication and Sequin Board}

So,for this exercise, we count the animals. For example for number 12, match the number of animals with the beads (using a ten bead bar and a two bead bar) and we "write" the number. I have laminated the number cards, so we have cards with 10 written on them and Derin needs to find the number 2 and put it over the zero to make 12.
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