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Monochromatic Workspace

By Facingnorth
Monochromatic workspace 
Today focus is about the beautiful black&white workspace we find at Likainen Parketti's cottage, in one of the corner of her living room. The idea is simple: a black table, a blackboard and an Eames chair enriched by some cool details, like the Hay block, the collection of monochromatic postcards and the washi tapes. I liked the metal tin as soon as I saw it and I made some for our previous loft: you need to place them in hot water fora while so the paper and glue can come out easily. Then, with a metal bar / small hammer / flat instruments pass the inner edge to avoid to get cut .. as it happened to someone I know the first time ...
Monochromatic workspaceMonochromatic workspaceMonochromatic workspace

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