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Money Management from Family Mint Review!

By Upatdawn @lisakeva

Money Management from Family Mint!

Money Management from Family Mint!

Money Management program from Family Mint  is "designed to develop money management habits that will benefit children for the rest of their lives.  It will help children form a firm base from which to launch solid financial literacy skills and habits."
Through this workbook, the following money management principles are taught and reinforced:  saving and tracking money, setting goals, writing checks and deposit slips, budgeting and understanding interest.
This is achieved through 4 easy learning steps:
1.  Tracking your money
2.  Goal setting
3.  Budgeting
4.  Interest-Growing
Money Management from Family Mint!

My kids have been brought up in a financial-savvy, "save your pennies atmosphere" due to the head of the house being an accountant.  As such we already have a working system in place.
When we reviewed this program, we had a choice between using the online worksheets or the old fashioned paper forms.  The bonus of the online forms is that it does the math for you.  Being old-school, we purposely chose the paper forms with the belief that actually noting income vs. expenses and doing the math themselves would enhance our children's understanding of using 'real money'.
Outside of writing an actual check, they didn't learn much in the way of new material, but they did enjoy the presentation of the program.  I have to say that it's easy enough for any parent to pick up and use with their children and effective enough for any child to comprehend and use. 
If you do not have a method in place to teach your children financial responsibility, you NEED one!  Family Mint may be a good fit.
This program, geared for ages 10 and up, includes a 60 page Money Management Certification Program workbook plus a lifetime subscription to the online FamilyMint Premium for $29.99.
You can check out a trial offer here.
Money Management from Family Mint Review!

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