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Monday Recap

By Kmitrix @kmitrix
Monday Recap
  1. I absentmindedly took Harry’s backpack home with me after daycare drop off  It had his coat/hat/mittens in it. Usually NBD, but of course TODAY they have a fire drill. First one they’ve had since we started there in frigging October.
  2. All day I was achy, tired, joint pain, unproductive. I had a latte at 5pm and now I feel like a champ.
  3. Harry was a nut tonight - and not in a good way. I swear, he has the worst moods the nights his dad is in class. Tonight he was Jeckle & Hyde. I was really proud I kept it together considering I felt like poop.
  4. Not much beats Peapod home grocery delivery in the middle of the winter.  

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